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Please note that the policies in the AY 24-25 Student Handbook go into effect on June 17th, 2024.

The AY 23-24 Student Handbook can be found here.
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Reenrolling or Transferring Programs
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When a student withdraws, takes a leave of absence, is administratively withdrawn, or is dismissed from Relay for any reason, they must submit an application when they are ready to return. This application is also necessary for students who are looking to transfer locations and/or programs. In general, students should plan to apply two months prior to the start of their selected term. The application due dates vary by circumstance, and are as follows:

  • Students returning from an exit or leave of absence*:  

    • Summer 2024: 5/28 (students must accept offers no later than end of day 6/11)

    • Fall 2024: 8/12 (students must accept offers no later than end of day 8/26)

    • Spring 2025: 1/13/25 (tentative)

  • Continuing students looking to transfer programs and/or locations: First day of the desired term

  • Newly Admitted students looking to transfer programs and/or locations in the first term of their enrollment: Census date of the term in which they were admitted

*Students returning to Relay’s initial and discontinued program versions in Summer 2024 may have different due dates. Please reach out to [email protected] for details.


Please see Term Dates for more information. Late applications will be rejected, and students may apply to return for a future term. 


Upon submission, the application is reviewed by a representative of the Registrar’s Office, the Certification team (if applicable), the Office of the Provost of Teacher Preparation team, and Student Financial Services, to determine whether the student is eligible to resume classes in their requested term. Relay will evaluate applications based on applicant’s statement submitted in the application, their current school of employment, any state- and/or program-specific requirements related to their requested program, previous academic-standing statuses at Relay, and their outstanding financial balances (if relevant). If a student is returning to a different program and/or location, they are encouraged to reach out to [email protected] for additional guidance on admissions requirements and certification/licensure implications. In some circumstances, students who were dismissed or administratively withdrawn are not eligible to reenroll with Relay. 


A student must meet all admissions requirements to reenroll or transfer into a new program. If a student is returning to a different program and/or location, they are encouraged to reach out to [email protected] for additional guidance on admissions requirements and certification/licensure implications. In some circumstances, students who were dismissed or administratively withdrawn are not eligible to reenroll with Relay.


Please note the financial considerations for reenrolling or transferring: 


To reenroll: In most cases, students with an outstanding financial balance must resolve their entire balance due to Relay by the application due date in order to reenroll. The following are exceptions to this policy: 

  • Students returning from a leave of absence due to compelling personal circumstances can return with an outstanding balance within one year of their exit. 

  • Students whose applications were rejected due to an outstanding balance that resolve it within 5 business days or less of the application due date may be considered for reenrollment. Please note that in order to be considered for application approval, students in this position must also notify the Registrar’s Office  on the same day they remit payment by emailing to [email protected].

  • Students enrolled in Relay’s initial program offerings that are being discontinued in Summer 2024 may have additional flexibility. Please resolve your balance and reach out to [email protected] as soon as possible to determine if you are eligible to reenroll to complete your program. Reenrollment is not guaranteed.


To transfer: Students who are currently enrolled and wish to change their program and/or campus may do so if their balance is $500 or less. The following is an exception to this policy:

  • First-year students wishing to transfer between Summer to Fall term because of delayed Summer tuition billing.

Please note, students who transfer into a certification-only program will be ineligible for federal financial aid. SFS will work with students in this program to explore the other financial options available to them.


If either the Certification team (if applicable), Office of the Provost, and/or Student Financial Services declines the student’s request to reenroll or transfer, the application is considered declined and the student is sent an email detailing the reason for their denial. Conversely, if all of the teams approve of the student’s application, it is officially approved, and the Registrar’s Office sends the student an email offer of reenrollment/transfer with a support plan that includes the student’s classes, certification requirements (if applicable), and financial obligations for their requested term. In order to accept the offer, the student must review the support plan and electronically accept or decline the terms. Timely acceptance is encouraged to ensure reenrollment; delays in accepting a reenrollment offer may result in the offer being withdrawn and a student being required to resubmit their application for the next term. The student should review the offer as soon as possible to avoid potential delays. 

  • If a student has questions about the support plan or believes there is an error, the student is encouraged to reach out to [email protected] for further information or clarification. It is the student’s responsibility to thoroughly review the offer prior to accepting it. 

  • If a student is made an offer to reenroll/transfer after the start of the term, the student has one week to accept it. Delays in accepting an offer may result in it being withdrawn. 


When a student accepts an offer of reenrollment or transfer, they are agreeing to the current school policies, as well as confirming that they understand and accept the terms outlined in their support plan. This includes, but is not limited to selected program, courseload, certification requirements, and financial obligations. Once the offer is accepted, the student’s school of employment is automatically sent a school authorization form to be completed. The Registrar’s Office then moves forward with enrolling the student accordingly.


Upon reenrollment, all students are assigned an advisor. Students who are reenrolling at Relay for any reason should meet with their advisor to better understand changes in course and program requirements that have occurred since their prior enrollment, and their impact on the students’ goals. Students can get in touch with their advisor by request via [email protected].


Please note: In Summer 2022 Relay launched new programs to strengthen the preparation of all Relay students to build the positive, inclusive learning environments that are best for learners. Relay’s revised programmatic offerings can be found in the Academic Catalog. Not all programs are available at all locations or in both online and local modalities, and program offerings have changed in many states. Relay’s original programmatic versions will be discontinued at the end of the Summer 2024 term. Program options will be determined based upon the student’s previous enrollment date and/or program of study, as well as information contained in the application. Reenrollment in the student’s original program is not guaranteed. For students enrolled in the discontinued original program versions, please reach out to [email protected] for any questions regarding timelines.


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