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2 - How to Submit Your Official Transcripts
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How to Submit Your Transcripts


Option 1 - Electronic Transcripts *If available, electronic transcripts are preferred.*

  • Must be from a U.S.-based institution.
  • Must be sent via a third-party website (college, university, clearinghouse, etc.) or directly from your institution(s) to [email protected].  Many institutions of higher education use the following platforms to send transcripts or via an in-house Registrar system.
  • Electronic transcripts will be processed and shown as received on an applicant’s admissions checklist within 3-5 business days. 

Option 2  - Hard-Copy Transcripts

  • Must be mailed directly from your institution to Relay OR mailed to you from your institution and received by Relay in the original envelope, with the seal unbroken. 
    • When mailing your transcript, it may be helpful to send it with a receipt and tracking number to ensure the delivery is made.

    • Please mail to Relay GSE, Office of Admissions and Enrollment, 25 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10004. 

    • Once a transcript has been mailed to the Relay GSE office, we are unable to send it back to the applicant.  

    • Hard copy transcripts will be processed and shown as received on an applicant’s admissions checklist within 5-7 business days.

Some suggestions from Relay: 

  • If your college/university has electronic transcripts, research how to order and get ready to do so. 

  • If your college/university does not provide electronic transcripts, we recommend you order an official hard copy transcript and keep it in its sealed envelope at your house until Relay requests it. You can bundle official transcripts from multiple institutions in a larger envelope for easy delivery and processing.

  • If you have not yet graduated, Relay will need an official transcript that shows your bachelor's degree conferred. You may want to wait until the weeks immediately following your graduation date to submit your official transcript or you may submit an official degree-in-progress transcript now to expedite your admission and then submit your degree-conferred transcript at a later date to conclude your admissions process. You can read more about this conditional admission below.

  • If you are experiencing a barrier to securing your transcript, such as a hold from a previous institution, we recommend you reach out to the institution to inquire about options for obtaining your official transcript.  Recent federal legislation has been passed to help students in these efforts.

If you attended an institution of higher education outside of the U.S., please see instructions for international applicants.

Note: Relay is unable to accept unofficial transcripts. Please see below for the difference between official and unofficial.  




Official VS. Unofficial Transcripts 


Official transcripts are either sent electronically directly from a third party (like your college or a clearinghouse) or mailed from yourself or a third party in a sealed (never opened) envelope to Relay's NYC office.  


Unofficial transcripts are any transcripts that do not come to Relay directly from your institution or arrive in a previously opened envelope. In addition, if the transcript is sent from your institution and is labeled as unofficial, it is an unofficial transcript.  Relay does not accept these types of transcripts. 


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