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Changes to Enrollment
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Relay encourages all students to fully complete their coursework and their programs of study. However, the institution realizes that unexpected personal, academic, and professional circumstances could prevent some from completing their programs as planned. Students experiencing any of these circumstances are highly encouraged to contact [email protected] and their advisors for information about their options and then sign up for an appointment with Student Financial Services before completing official Relay exit paperwork. Leaving Relay can result in significant financial, employment, academic, and, when appropriate, certification/licensure implications. It may also cause an outstanding incomplete to be updated to the current grade in the course. It is students' responsibility to understand and consider how the date in which they choose to exit Relay could impact these factors.

Please see the census dates for details on how a change to enrollment may impact students’ abilities to earn credit for coursework. For questions or concerns related to the information in this section, contact [email protected].

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