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Academic Honors
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Students who do exemplary work, both with their PK–12 students and at Relay, receive special recognition. There are four ways in which Relay honors exceptional students: the Dean’s List, academic honors, program completion with Distinction, and the Faculty’s List.


Dean’s List: At the end of each term, students with 3.7 or greater GPA and 70% or greater in all credit-bearing courses for the term are placed on the Dean’s List.

Academic Honors: At the end of each term, the students who have earned a 3.5–3.69 GPA and all grades above 70% in all credit-bearing courses for that term are awarded academic honors.

Distinction: Students who earn a 3.5 or greater cumulative GPA and earn a score of 95% or higher on their master’s defense graduate with Distinction[1]. For students in the TEL program, students who earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, earn a spring observation score of 95% or higher on observation #1, and whose Capstone score is 95% or higher graduate with Distinction. Distinction is an honor awarded upon degree conferral.

Faculty’s List: The Dean’s List and academic honors are measured in purely quantitative terms. Because the work of great teachers cannot be measured by numbers alone, we have an additional honor at Relay: the Faculty’s List. At the conclusion of each academic year at Relay, each faculty member nominates a student who has accomplished great things that are less easily quantified, such as starting much-needed after-school clubs for PK–12 students, forging strong connections with PK–12 students’ families, or demonstrating remarkable strength of character in trying times. Students who have excelled in ways that numbers cannot capture may be honored as members of the Faculty’s List.


[1] Rivkin, S. G., Hanushek, E. A., & Kain, J. F. (2005). “Teachers, schools, and academic achievement.” Econometrica, 73(2), 417–458.

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