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Student Financial Services Policies: Extenuating Circumstances
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Students who exit or take a leave of absence from the program during the academic year due to one of the following compelling personal circumstances* may be eligible to earn a partial Segal AmeriCorps Education Award and may be eligible for reenrollment within one full academic year, pending program, Registrar’s Office, and Student Financial Services review:

  • Medical conditions; 
  • Pregnancy;
  • Disability, serious illness, or death of students’ family members should completing a term become unreasonably difficult or impossible as a result;
  • Unforeseeable circumstances such as a natural disaster, strike, relocation of a spouse, or nonrenewal or closing of a project/program; and
  • Military-service obligations

*Residency and AmeriCorps members must provide documentation of compelling personal circumstances (e.g., doctor's note, letter from supervisor, memo explaining reason for exit).

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